Monday, September 5, 2011

Kids’ Camp in Kokad

Volunteer Camp Workers

A three-day kids’ day camp was organized for Roma children in Kokad – the first of its kind --- August 11th-13th, 2011.  The theme for the camp was Jesus is My Superhero!  More than 60 children took part in the camp, but not just those from Kokad – we transported youngsters from our other mission stations, as well (Vámospércs, Bagamér, Újléta and Létavértes).  The youth from the church in Vámospércs, most of who were recently baptized on July 17th, served, taught, sang, prayed, played, and as a result, were highly encouraged and edified.

Supporting the theme of Jesus is My Superhero, three stories from the Bible were developed in small group settings: David and Goliath; Daniel in the lions’ den; and the three men in the fiery furnace. On the second day, a guest youth worker from Debrecen, Csaba Sütő, spoke to and interacted with the children.   Outdoor games and contests, a big soccer match, crafts, and lively singing, in addition to the fun Bible lessons all made for an exciting and diverse camp experience. 

Physical nourishment was also provided for the campers, which for some, was the only food they ate on those days. The food was lovingly  prepared and served to the children by some caring sisters and brothers whose ministry was satisfying their physical hunger – and deliciously, too! 

It brought immense joy to us to watch as the children gradually lowered their guards and opened their hearts and minds to us and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We look forward to seeing what God will do in and through the Roma children of Kokad.   Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the camp. God made a real break-through in this village.

Written by: Boglárka Gál

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Up and Coming in August

To feed your prayer for KÖVET Ministries, here are some events that are coming up this month in AUGUST, in conjunction with the Baptist Church:

August 6th-8th: Board members Geof and Anjila Stimack from Colorado visiting
August 11th-13th: Roma Kids’ Camp in Kokad
August 14th: Bagamér church’s 100th anniversary

August 26th-27th: Roma Faith-building conference in Fehérgyarmat and Kispalád; baptism service

Thank you for remembering us before the Lord.

First Steps ...

Yes, we have an active blog!  It's taken a long time to get here, but we are taking a small step in the right direction.   We will be reporting on events that have taken place in KÖVET's ministry, events that are up and coming, items for prayer, etc. Basically, keeping you - the reader - informed of the ministry.  

Leslie is quite excited about this, since her attempt at a website many years ago didn't pan out, and is looking forward to being able to keep people informed of the ministry here in Hungary and Romania. We hope that many will see the news and follow us!

Looking forward to keeping in touch!
Leslie and Lajos